Thursday, February 17, 2011

Nigel Pierce & Phat Joe, GHFM vs Heart

I think the Knobb's making a huge mistake,
You're the one who gave him his big break,
Now he'd rather work with that fruit cake,
No I'm not refering to Julian Naidoo,
Well he's one too,
I'm talking about the guy who's copying u,
U know fat lips & a bald head,
U can never understand what he just said,
Hangs out with that Chelsea fan,
Whom I'll never understand,
Doesn't he know Man United's still the best,
So why even bother with the rest,
It's just like the Nigel Pierce show,
Who introduced us to Kinky Afro,
& Other great features,
Uncle Nigel also knows how to teach us,
He doesn't leach us,
Unlike that Phat Joe,
Now he's really flow,
I think he's got 2 go,
Thinks he stole Nigel's mojo,
But we'll show him a thing or 2,
Knobbo we don't need u,
Coz u & Nigel are through,
I still can't believe u stabbed him in the back,
It's ok coz your jokes were wack,
We know u couldn't have got this far,
Or become a star,
If it wasn't for Nigel & the team,
You're wouldn't be living out your dream,
So I hope you're happy with your choice,
Coz we all know Nigel's got a sexy voice,
Knobb I wish u the best of luck,